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The 8 Essentials of Immune Health

8 Things Your Immune System Wishes You Knew

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Michael Kaye, DC

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Do You Know?

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be the one that always gets sick? And when you do get sick, it takes a long time to recover? The strength of your immune system will determine how you respond to pathogens such as parasitic, bacterial and viral.

Maybe you are one of many who suffer with an autoimmune condition. An autoimmune condition is when your body’s defense system can’t tell the difference between friend (your own cells) or foe (foreign cells) and begins to attack the normal cells. There are over 80 types of autoimmune conditions which affect the body in a myriad of ways.

Immune issues could lead to fatigue, joint pain and swelling, skin problems, weight gain and digestive issues.

Millions of people suffer with immune-related symptoms and there are 8 essential action steps that can support the immune system and are often overlooked.

Your Body is A Fortress. The goal is to protect, defend and support your immunity

The Old Way:

  • Hours of wasted time with doctors and specialists
  • Being limited by the traditional insurance model
  • Reducing quality time with your family and friends as your health deteriorates
  • Ineffectively trying to fix symptoms like weight gain, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, brain fog, joint pain and swelling, and digestive issues
  • Being faced with skepticism by your doctor when asking about additional lab testing to determine the root cause
  • Trying various medications with potential negative side effects
  • Buying supplements that never work or worse yet, cause other issues
  • The lack of personalized support

The 8 Essential Ways to Bolster the Immune System

We provide a plan, a partnership and a promise….

The Center for Functional Health Program

The New Way:

  • A personalized program designed just for you
  • Identify the root cause(s) of digestive symptoms using Root Cause Lab Testing
  • 24/7 Access to your practitioner
  • Inspiring community and online workshops and access to an online support community
  • Make appointments easily from your phone or computer and have appointments that actually start on time
  • A comprehensive plan that is unique to you, and a team to help you execute it every step of the way
  • A holistic approach that includes a customization of your diet, lifestyle, and personalized coaching

Meet Michael Kaye, DC

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Kaye. I am a chiropractor, Primal Health Coach, exercise lover, nutrition nut (my wife will attest to this), author, book and podcast junkie, dog lover and since 1988, I have been helping patients create healthier lives.

Like many of my patients, I was overweight at one time. In fact, my nickname was “Pads.” Imagine being overweight and wearing black-framed glasses just as you start junior high. I am sure you can imagine it was NOT a magical time for me.

The most common complaint I hear from my patients is, “All my blood work is normal, I am exercising, I think I eat pretty well, I take vitamins and supplements and I still feel like crap!”

At the Center for Functional Health, we dig deeper into your complaints to determine the root cause; to find out why you are feeling fatigue and low energy; why you have muscle and joint pain, brain fog and memory issues, why you can’t seem to lose weight regardless of exercise and dieting and why you just feel worn out.

The solution isn’t one medication, one vitamin, one diet or one type of exercise. It may take more than one type of doctor to help you. It may take a team with a star player (that’s you), great coach (the doctor), manager (another doc think 2nd opinion and co-management), fans (family and friends), and administrators (the front office).

My mission at The Center for Functional Health is to guide you to be in the best health you can be, to enjoy the freedom to spend quality time with your family and friends and to pursue life on your terms without health restrictions.

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