About The Center for Functional Health

Everything we do at The Center for Functional Health is centered around you, the patient – because you hold the keys to so many aspects shaping your health. And without your active participation in your journey to health, none of our wisdom will create longterm health.

Our Core Values Of Care

An Integrative Approach

Rooted in our focus on participatory patient care, it’s our mission to empower you with the knowledge and collective wisdom to create health yourself, no matter where you are right now.

Guided by our care team, you will embark on an integrative approach to your wellness including smart lifestyle modifications that will significantly improve your health.


Dedicated Attention

You will receive dedicated attention from Dr. Kaye and his health coach.

During your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Kaye to chart the course for your care.

Throughout your care, Dr. Kaye will help guide you on the path to restoring your health based upon your bio-individual need.

Personalized Care

No patient is exactly the same, and yet there are many factors that affect your health. Guided by our team, we will get to the root cause of your disease – using diagnostic tests that your current doctor may not even know about.

We’ll explore your situation holistically, uncovering mediators in your home, at work, and your mental state to arrive at a “lifestyle prescription” that puts you back on the road to health.

Innovative Treatments

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At the Center for Functional Health, our entire team is deeply committed to shortening that lag.

Dr. Michael Kaye is a life-long learner, continuously upgrading his knowledge through sharing best practices and seeking out innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to help his patients achieve their health goals.


Root Cause Resolution

Unlike traditional doctors, our care team always focuses on root cause resolution – isolating the key imbalance that is responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as functional medicine, we seek to give you solutions, not more bandaids.

Co-Creating Health

Just like your gut bacteria thrive on symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships, your desired health outcome is much easier to achieve through the power of community.

We leverage group structures for patient education, peer-to-peer support, and accountability – with both your care team and your fellow patients rooting for your success.

The Philosophy That Drives Us

The philosophy that motivates everyone on our care teams at The Center for Functional Health is pretty simple:

“Do whatever it takes to effectively, comfortably, and safely treat your patient. Whatever that ‘whatever’ is.”

Dr. Kaye founded The Center for Functional Health on the belief of participatory care where the patient is an instrumental partner in returning their body back to health (or keeping it healthy). And that it’s not about pre-determined ideas about a diagnosis without a full understanding of a patient’s situation.

That’s why the care team at The Center for Functional Health will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the root cause of your gastrointestinal problems. In fact, the medical community finally realizes that all disease starts in the gut, and without taking the gut into account, autoimmunity and inflammation processes can’t be addressed at the root cause.

We will integrate findings from the most recent research along with literally decades of knowledge that our team has accumulated. 

About The Center for Functional Health

The Center for Functional Health was created with the patient in mind by Dr. Michael J. Kaye, a chiropractor with a subspecialty in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and a certification in functional medicine. Dr. Kaye focuses his practice on co-creating health with those who suffer with gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, brain fog, autoimmune related symptoms and the effects of cardio-metabolic dysfunction.

About Dr. Michael J. Kaye

Dr. Kaye graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1988 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He then went on to complete a 3 year postgraduate program in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Dr. Kaye also completed a certification in functional medicine, he is a  Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach and completed the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) from the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Kaye is the author of two peer reviewed papers, a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health and the sole author of A Boomer’s Guide to Chronic Pain-The Ultimate Resource for Practical Effective Advice on How to Live a Full and Active Life While Managing Chronic Pain.

He is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, American Chiropractic Association, American College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Science, ACA Council on Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and has extensive experience as a peer review doctor and consultant.

Every experience with Dr. Kaye is exceptional. He is respectful. He doesn’t rush and take the usual “assembly line” approach. He listens intently to your specific story with kindness and compassion and sees beyond the basics. He has an amazing ability to understand and hone in on the problem, and he offers and demonstrates lifestyle changes that really work in addition to the office procedures that he performs. He is incredibly intelligent, well educated, and as a cherry on top, has a great sense of humor and is down-to-earth, relatable and personable. Dr. Kaye is the kind of doctor that ALL doctors should be, and that is nearly impossible to find anymore. I feel not only comfortable in recommending him, but extremely honored to do so.

Kimberle V.

I started working with Dr. Kaye after years of struggling with GI issues and doctor after doctor not being able to help diagnose what the root issue was. Within a few weeks of working with Dr. Kaye, I felt such a positive difference not only in my symptoms, but in my overall quality of life. He took the time to listen to all my concerns and answer all my questions. He came up with a protocol that worked for me and was easy to understand and follow. I highly recommend working with Dr. Kaye for anyone with similar issues.

Jacklyn Ferraro.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for all you have done for me and with me. It has never been easy for me to trust anyone, and thru the ongoing problems I have been experiencing I have had no choice but to put my trust in you to resolve my illness, and you have come thru for me. For this I am truly thankful, and wanted to let you know. You knowledge, and professionalism is bright light in a sometimes too dull world. Again, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Gary D.

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey Back To Health

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not The Center for Functional Health is right for you.