Do You Love Your Car More Than Yourself?

functionalhealth  |   August 8, 2018  |   Exercise, Health

One of the most frequently asked questions in my office is: “How much will this cost and why doesn’t my insurance cover these services? Unfortunately, insurance does not cover many services, and as time marches forward, insurance will cover less and most likely cost more. Get ready to pay higher insurance premiums and get less… Read More »

Are Your Morning Rituals Too Much to Handle

functionalhealth  |   May 20, 2018  |   Health

If you registered for my 30 Ways in 30 Days Health Series you may have seen a video where I discuss morning rituals. If you aren’t registered for the health video series, please register here for FREE at this link. If you read a lot of blogs or books and listen to podcasts by successful… Read More »

Don’t Lose Hope. Good Health is Right Around the Corner.

functionalhealth  |   May 5, 2018  |   Health

I was watching a golf video (no, I am not a golfer, my son sent me the video). The golfer swings, the ball slowly rolls towards the hole, however, the ball comes to a slow roll, seems like it is going to stop, and then the ball rolls into the cup. What intrigued me about… Read More »

How to Be a Player and Not a Spectator in Your Health

functionalhealth  |   April 29, 2018  |   Health

I am sure you heard the phrase, “Are you in or are you out?” Today, I am asking you this question regarding your health. Some patients are spectators. They sit back and watch. They watch their waistline increase, their strength and energy lessen, and their life slowly slip away. Then, there are the players. The… Read More »

Are You Driving Yourself Too Hard? Slow Down and Give Yourself a Break

functionalhealth  |   April 15, 2018  |   Health

Are you the person that has a tendency to drive yourself hard, to put yourself before all others? Are you suffering with increasing stress? Maybe you’re the person that over works, over schedules and multi-tasks to your own detriment affecting your body (muscle and joint aches), brain (brain fog, difficulty concentrating), and you may be… Read More »

How to Create a Recipe for Staying Fit

functionalhealth  |   April 8, 2018  |   Diet, Exercise
Chocolate Cake

I am often asked, “So, how do you stay fit?” When I hear this question I have to remind myself not to go into doctor mode as I have a tendency to talk ad nauseum clinically (just ask my wife) and to provide an answer that is short, sweet and appropriately acceptable. No one really… Read More »

It’s Time for Recess

functionalhealth  |   March 31, 2018  |   Exercise
Nature Walk

Do you remember playtime when you were a kid? My elementary school had recess. We went outside and played for at least 30 minutes. And sometimes we had two recesses in one day. Recess was fun and it was a lot better than sitting. As children, we moved all the time. As adults, it seems… Read More »

A Different Kind of Diet

functionalhealth  |   March 11, 2018  |   Diet

I wrote this article a few years ago (I think at least 5) and it still rings true, probably even more so for today. Most likely this recommendation will remain applicable until the end of time. I am not being cynical, I am just a realist. Okay, here’s what I wrote 5 plus years ago:… Read More »

Priority One is Your Health

functionalhealth  |   October 4, 2017  |   Diet
Running. The Center for Functional Health

In the past I’ve written articles about the importance of persistence, desire and the ability to adapt to change when climbing the ladder to success. And although the above characteristics are important they can’t be strengthened or developed if you don’t have your health. Most of the successful business people I know invest in their… Read More »

Those Aren’t My Genes

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DNA Strand

When I turned 50 my primary care doctor told me it was time to see the cardiologist. I argued a little but I know he was right. Nothing was wrong however it’s important to establish a baseline. I am a believer of the baseline evaluation, whether we are talking about the heart, prostate, breast, urological,… Read More »