Being bloated all the time is not only uncomfortable it means your gut health is off kilter. And dealing with gas just makes the whole thing worse.

Normally when people complain of bloat or excessive gas, they are offered a prescription and sent on their way, and if things progress or they get worse, they may get your standard scopes like a colonoscopy or an endoscopy. But there are several things your doctor could be missing that are the real root cause of their digestive distress.

For one, scopes don’t pick up conditions like SIBO, leaky gut, pathogens, bacterial and yeast overgrowth like Candida, or any number of things that could be happening in your gut on the microbial level. In fact, people are often diagnosed with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, only to find out later on it’s a case of SIBO that needed attention or long.

SIBO, a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is when there is excessive bacteria in the small intestine or small bowel. The small intestine has relatively low levels of bacteria. It’s supposed to be at its highest concentration in the colon. 

There are three different types of SIBO, SIBO methane driven, often associated with constipation,  SIBO hydrogen sulfide driven, often associated with diarrhea, and SIBO hydrogen, and this requires the SIBO breath test to determine if you have SIBO and what kind. 

Aside from belching and bloating, SIBO can cause abdominal pain constipation, joint pain, fatigue and even skin issues. SIBO can be caused by motility problems, the inability to properly evaluate your bowels. Conventional treatment consists of antibiotics, however, according to the studies, the average relapse time is two to two and a half months. 

The idea is to find the right antibiotics and add a natural antibacterial and a prokinetic think about stimulating the bowel movements and a nutritional protocol with hopes of less than the relapses or the flare ups.

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