Are you the person that has a tendency to drive yourself hard, to put yourself before all others? Are you suffering with increasing stress?

Maybe you’re the person that over works, over schedules and multi-tasks to your own detriment affecting your body (muscle and joint aches), brain (brain fog, difficulty concentrating), and you may be experiencing fatigue and lack of energy and drive.

Unfortunately, driving oneself hard is often rewarded in our society. You hear statements of, “She’s a go-getter”, “She can do it all”, “He ran a business and started a charity”.

To the detriment of our children they are often pigeonholed to this same thinking. Having good grades is not enough to get into a good college. In addition to good grades the child must participate in many clubs, play a sport, be involved in their community, have a job, and try to cure a disease. I know competition is hard however, it’s not worth the mind., body and soul of the individual.

If you are pushing yourself harder and harder without rest and recuperation then you can expose yourself to headaches, neck and back pain, numbness and tingling sensations in your arms and legs, sleep issues and stomach (gastrointestinal) complaints (IBS, GERD, etc.).

As you strive to be the best in what you do, whether it is motherhood/fatherhood, the best in your field, etc, you have to consider the price. If your body and brain is being assaulted (symptoms) by your actions, you surely won’t be the best or can be the best for long.

This week’s action step is to apply the brakes and slow down. Take a few minutes away from all screens (that includes the television and phone as well) and take a walk, meditate and better yet, exercise.

You don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do it now.

Create a priority list. Complete the tasks that will bring greater value first. Not everything is priority.

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To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change

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