I was watching a golf video (no, I am not a golfer, my son sent me the video). The golfer swings, the ball slowly rolls towards the hole, however, the ball comes to a slow roll, seems like it is going to stop, and then the ball rolls into the cup.

What intrigued me about this video, is that when the player thought all was lost, a moment later it was not.

You may be asking how this video applies to health.

Well, sometimes we turn our backs on ourselves and give up hope. We think we have to “Live with the pain” or “My health is the way it is because of my genes (family history) or “This is the way it is because I’m old”.

Today, I invite you to not turn your back on yourself.

There is hope!

There is an old proverb (and I paraphrase), “Without health, there is no hope!”

When you feel good, it seems many things in life are possible. And when you don’t feel good (aches and pains, low energy, stomach issues, etc.) it feels very little in life is possible.

Today, I invite you not to give up, not to turn your back on yourself.

A healthy life may be right around the corner.

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To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change

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