Viruses, flu, and colds seem to be everywhere. Ever wonder why some people get sick, and others do not? Unfortunately, many people are missing the best way to protect against illnesses, and that’s by increasing the strength of your immune system. This is how behind the scenes inflammation could be increasing the risk for infection and warping your immune function.

The conventional approach to dealing with flu, viruses, and other illnesses is either a vaccine or medication. While these approaches, in some cases, can save lives, we have to ask what other action steps can we take to support our immune system? Most people miss the fact that inflammation can play a role in poor immune function.

Sadly, many patients don’t realize that your symptoms are related to inflammation. There is acute inflammation, such as when you sprain your ankle. There is swelling. The joint is high, and it’s difficult to move your ankle. It is a good thing. This acute inflammation is the initial process of healing them also serves as a source of protection.

But inflammation can be a bad thing. It is often called systemic or chronic inflammation. It’s ongoing and widespread inflammation, which can be experienced as migrating joint pain, gastrointestinal dysfunction, like gut issues. It can also involve skin issues and even brain fog.

The interference in the gut has a double impact because the gut plays an important role in the immune system. Immunoglobulin IGA is created in the gut. It’s our first line of defense in response to antigens and pathogens in the GI and respiratory tract. Antigens are molecules that create an immune response. This IGA helps to maintain balance in the microbiome and exposure to food-derived antigens. The gut barrier helps to protect you, and when this barrier is compromised, one can often begin to experience symptoms. Your gut is affected by the types of food you eat, the environment, toxins such as glyphosate, synthetic estrogens, and even heavy metals.

But problems can arise from even the simplest of causes, like lack of sleep. When this compromise occurs, other areas in your body become affected. There is a relationship between your gut & brain, gut & lungs, gut & endocrine system, gut & liver, gut & skin, and even gut & hormones. So you can see when your gut and your gastrointestinal tract are compromised, this can lead to systemic inflammation in the body which may compromise your immune system and leave you vulnerable to viruses, flu, and colds.

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