When it comes to living healthier, there’s a lot of conflicting information that’s out there. So it’s hard to know who and what to believe.  

In this video, I’m going to share why eating organic is worthwhile and why it is paramount if you want to protect your gut health and your immunity as well.

Now, when it comes to health, most people know that eating vegetables and fruits is important. While people are trying to do right by their bodies, most people would be shocked to learn what happens behind conventionally raised produce scenes. 

Conventionally raised produce is sprayed with several dangerous toxic chemicals to ward off pests and bugs. Now, this is good for the bottom line to keep the food costs down. It’s bad news for the body. Regulation practices are also questionable when it comes to fertilizer and water sources, which may contain heavy metals and other toxins that find their way into the vegetables. 

On the other hand, organic farms have very strict regulations surrounding all this. They often test your water sources for heavy metal content. I know organic can be more expensive, and it’s hard when you’re on a budget. However, there are ways that you can afford it.

There are affordable ways to purchase organic meats and fruits, and vegetables and it’s related to laying the power of the community. When neighbors get together and buy a whole cow, the price per pound is less than one would think. Joining a CSA, a Community Supported Agriculture group is like a membership, and you have access to organic vegetables. 

When purchasing organic vegetables and fruits, I often recommend that patients follow the Environmental Working Group at ewg.org. Each year the Environmental Working Group publishes a list of the Dirty Dozen, which are fruits and vegetables you should avoid due to the high pesticide exposure. They also publish the Clean 15 which are fruits and vegetables with less chemical and toxic exposure. 

And lastly, please avoid organic junk food. The cookies, crackers, chips, and pretzels. These healthy foods, although “organic,” are very expensive and aren’t always as healthy as one would think.

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