Are you burning with brain fog and can’t seem to focus no matter what you do? Well don’t blame it on being overwhelmed. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about leaky gut and brain fog.

Your brain fog could be a sign that your gut health needs immediate attention or even a sign that something more serious like Leaky Gut is happening.

Leaky gut is an intestinal hyperpermeability. When it comes to dealing with brain fog, most people take a do it yourself approach relying on stimulants and sugary foods to get them through the day, only to feel even worse and more foggy later. 

The typical conventional medical approach is maybe some recommendations like get better sleep or maybe a prescription. 

Then from a natural approach, you may have received recommendations like take a bunch of supplements that you don’t really need or that your gut may not even have the capacity to digest. 

What often is overlooked is the brain-gut connection and how infectious gut conditions can greatly impact your brain and even emotional health. 

Do you know that conditions like leaky gut are often seen with other clinical presentations such as autoimmune conditions? And that Leaky Gut rarely occurs as a single clinical manifestation of itself? 

Intestinal hyperpermeability aka Leaky Gut is a syndrome when bacteria and undigested protein passes through the gaps of your intestinal wall and leaks into the bloodstream. 

Your body then interprets this bacterial protein as an invasion of foreign invaders and begins to attack it as such. This can lead to endotoxemia. 

Endotoxemia is the change in the permeability of the intestinal floor, which allows LPs (lipopolysaccharides) to leak into the bloodstream and this contributes to the inflammation process. In fact, conditions like leaky gut can actually cause your immune system to go on high alert. This toxic blood or endotoxemia then travels to the brain causing many issues such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and focusing. 

Leaky gut can also be accompanied by bacterial overgrowth, which further releases toxins and can cause fatigue. The overgrowth of bacteria can crowd out the harmful bacteria, the good bacteria, and compromised neurotransmitters that help you to feel calm and help you focus like serotonin. 

So now you can see those symptoms of brain fog and difficulty maintaining focus and concentration is not just in your head, but actually may be in your gut. 

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