Struggling with bloating, gassiness, and irritability?  

Worried that you might have Leaky Gut because you’re struggling with GI issues and feel totally drained?

While you’ll want to take care to restore your gut, what you may not know is that you most  likely suffer from Leaky Brain as well!

Leaky gut syndrome is known as intestinal hyperpermeability. This is when bacteria and undigested protein passes through the gaps in your intestinal wall and leaks into the bloodstream. When this happens, your body then interprets the bacteria and the proteins as an invasion of a foreign invader and begins to attack it as such. 

But did you know that if you have a leaky gut, you also most likely have a leaky brain as well? 

A lot of people think brain fog is from stress at work, or long to list or you’re just getting older when in fact, brain fog is more like brain inflammation. 

At the center for functional health, I look for the root cause of the dysfunction. I utilized conventional and traditional bloodwork, and if needed, I will also order functional lab testing such as a stool analysis and food sensitivity testing. Most important is I listened to your health journey and create a program based upon your bio individual needs.

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