Are you struggling to lose some extra weight that has been hanging around like extra baggage?  Are you feeling gassy, bloated, irritated with unexplained abdominal discomfort?  The two may be connected!

The US adult obesity rate stands at 42.4%, and yet with all the information that’s on the market, obesity continues to rise along with cardiometabolic issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

Often Your doctor will tell you to lose weight and may say something like, eat less and exercise more or try one of the diet plans. Well, good luck! 

If Losing weight was as easy as exercise and more weight loss pills to burn fat or speed up your metabolism then everybody will be healthy. But it hasn’t worked for everyone hence the rise in obesity and other metabolic diseases. Part of the issue with stubborn weight loss may be a result of a poor digestive tract or an imbalanced microbiota. 

Did you know that the digestive tract is not only a mere conduit for a meal some pass through? 

Your gut bacteria affect your body’s metabolism. It determines things like how many calories you get from food and what kinds of nutrients you draw from it. Too much or too little gut bacteria may compromise your ability to lose weight and keep it off!

Your gut bacteria has roles in digestion, fat storage, and hunger, all of which can impact your weight. So when thinking about weight gain, keep in mind that it’s more than just eat less and move more.

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