Dealing with embarrassing gas and bloating?

Notice that you feel extra full after eating instead of energized?

Maybe you’re dealing with a touch of heartburn too?

Many people chock it up to stress or “having a sensitive stomach” when in fact there are many other factors at play…

In this video I’ll share three surprising things that can sabotage digestion. 

I often see patients who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, constipation and reflux known as GERD. And often they’re taking medications to stave off the symptoms. 

Medications are not bad. It just seems that when you start taking one medication, you take another and before you know you’re taking another and you’re taking a handful of medications, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Three surprising things that can sabotage your digestion: 

  1. Not chewing your food thoroughly
  2.  Not getting enough sleep, and three
  3. Taking the wrong probiotic


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