When most people go gluten free, they do so for weight loss or because it seems healthier. While both can be good reasons. Many people must go gluten free if they have a sensitivity or if they’re dealing with an autoimmune condition, or maybe they have celiac or the celiac gene or another serious health issue. But when it comes to adopting a true gluten free diet, many people are still getting plenty of gluten and wondering why they aren’t feeling your best.

You see, the truth is if you’re going to adopt a true gluten free diet, you need to know about all the hidden sources because it’s an all or nothing approach. Gluten can be an extreme irritant for your gut and set off an inflammatory cascade that can cause a host of symptoms, not just gut symptoms. Many people don’t realize that their skin issues, joint pain, fatigue and brain fog may be a result of eating food containing gluten. This is why so many people who adopt a true gluten-free diet are free of many symptoms that cause inflammation, from skin issues to bloating to joint muscle pain and even severe back pain.

In my office. When we say gluten free we really mean gluten and grain free and being gluten and grain free does not mean eating gluten free packaged foods as they often have ingredients that may contribute to GI dysfunction. eating gluten free packaged foods. Even the food that is marketed as healthy gluten free food is one of the pitfalls patients usually fall into. The gut is the gateway to health and we help our patients by being with them along their journey. We often start with an elimination protocol.

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