I wrote this article a few years ago (I think at least 5) and it still rings true, probably even more so for today. Most likely this recommendation will remain applicable until the end of time. I am not being cynical, I am just a realist.

Okay, here’s what I wrote 5 plus years ago:

Watching, listening or reading the news on a daily basis is contraindicated to having a healthy attitude towards life.

There is unrest in the Middle East and it’s probably going to get worse. Europe is having more and more economical problems. The United States is going to have a host of problems in the future. It’s crazy and it’s unsettling.

You may be asking what this has to do with health. My reply, “Quite a bit”.

There is a direct correlation between stress and digestion; stress and depression, stress and weight gain and the list goes on. Watching, hearing and listening to the news on a daily basis and throughout the day is NOT healthy for you.

Watching the news on a daily basis is akin to watching a train wreck. There is nothing positive in the act of watching news on a consistent basis.

I am not asking you to stick your head in the sand and be ignorant of the news affecting your local community, your state and the world.

I am requesting you limit the intake of the news regardless of your source of news.

And I can’t stress this enough – please do not eat and watch the news. I normally recommend avoiding television while eating. Watching the news and eating can not be healthy for your digestion. Would you bring your dinner to the Roman Colosseum and watch a man get eaten by a lion? Hopefully, you would not.

What positive action is borne from watching the news on a daily basis?

Action steps as you move forward in your life:

-If you own a business it’s important to be knowledgeable of current events so you can better prepare yourself for changes which may directly impact your business and your customers. Consider reading, listening or watching short news bits versus thirty-minute and hour long shows.

-If you don’t own a business, I invite you to review current events only twice a week. It will be healthier for you. Why would you want to expose yourself to negativity on a daily basis?

Many of my patients agree that watching, listening and reading the news leaves you with little hope for mankind and it sucks the life out of you. To be honest, after you read the headlines or somebody tells you what has happened in the world, how much more do you really need to know? How will knowing more (and that’s even if the reporting is true) change what has happened?

Plain and simple-engaging in constant negativity is not healthy for your mind, gut and heart.

This week, take a news diet and in lieu of watching the news, read a good book, watch or listen to comedy and/or some good music. Consider volunteering at a local shelter, a place of worship, or an animal shelter.

Feed your mind with with “feel good” stuff–you will be much happier and healthier in the long run.

To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change


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