What will it take to create a change in your life?

In other words, what will motivate you into action?

Over the years I have seen many people wait too long to make a change.

For example, I had a patient who I have treated for a couple of years. We often talked about nutrition and the importance of avoiding food that cause elevated glucose levels. She listened but did not take action and last week she was diagnosed with diabetes. Now, she’s “on board” 100% to change her lifestyle.

Could the patient’s diagnosis of Type II diabetes been prevented? The answer is most likely yes. However, she waited too long. I think most patients who have been handed a diagnosis like heart disease, IBS, diabetes, etc. fail to realize that “it just didn’t happen” and there were warning signs along the way however the warning signs were ignored.

The good news is her motivation is now piqued and she WANTS to change. And although prior to such I shared with the patient how diabetes can lead to neuropathy (pins and needles) in her legs, and diabetes can affect her eyes, gums, kidneys and heart. She heard me however, it took a number from a lab report to quantify the results-proof of evidence.

Hence, the importance of ordering lab tests. At the Center for Functional Health we often will order both traditional and advanced functional lab testing.

The action step this week is to take inventory of yourself. How are you feeling, physically and mentally?

Is it time for your yearly check-up? Do you get a yearly check-up? Have you been told that your blood work is normal but you still feel awful?

Make the next move, Start your journey to living an optimal life.

What action do you need to take to lessen your stress? Do you need to eat optimally, start an exercise program or lose weight?

If any of the above is true, now it the time to take action. I often share with my patients the following: “Please don’t wait for a diagnosis to motivate you to change your life because sometimes it’s too late.”

To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change


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