Do you remember playtime when you were a kid?

My elementary school had recess. We went outside and played for at least 30 minutes. And sometimes we had two recesses in one day. Recess was fun and it was a lot better than sitting.

As children, we moved all the time. As adults, it seems the opposite.

When was the last time you went outside and played?

When was the last time you went to a park, the last time you went for a walk?

Prolonged periods of sitting can contribute to poor circulation and mucsculo-skeletal dysfunction (think back pain, neck pain and difficulty
rising from a chair). Obviously, as adults, our play time will be different.

Maybe you can’t move as well because of a bad knee, sore back or low energy. However, I often found the recommendation to move usually helps those achy bones and improves a lack of energy.

Does playing have to be a full blown out exercise program?

Does it have to be a boot camp style type of exercise or Crossfit?


It can be something as simple as taking your dog for an extra walk, throwing a ball against the wall, taking a stroll around your community, having a catch, swinging a golf club or throwing a Frisbee.

We are meant to move. We are not meant to sit behind a desk all day or binge watch hours of television.

If you do sit behind a desk or sit on the couch for long periods of time, make it a priority to stand every twenty minutes (yes, I did say every twenty minutes) and stretch arms over the head to elongate your spine. March in place for a few repetitions, stretch your neck a bit, and do a few squats. And if you take a lunch, consider taking a walk for 10 minutes.

Okay, Stop reading and get moving!

To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change


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