In the past I’ve written articles about the importance of persistence, desire and the ability to adapt to change when climbing the ladder to success.

And although the above characteristics are important they can’t be strengthened or developed if you don’t have your health.

Most of the successful business people I know invest in their health. They eat right, sleep right and move right. And I am requesting you consider the same.

Before you tell me, “No”, let me answer you why you should consider investing in your health.

The #1 reason is you can’t afford not to invest in your health is the cost of insurance premiums continue to rise as well as your co-pays and the cost for medicines.

The initial investment is low cost. The investment will be your time, not money. Not that your time is not important as it is, but if you are suffering with disease, dysfunction or die then time no longer matters.

You need to find an exercise program you enjoy. If you like taking walks, take a walk. Maybe you like being around people and will enjoy a gym or health club setting; maybe you like being in your own home so you can live stream exercise programs from your computer or phone, you can now watch exercise programs from yoga to high intensity training from your local cable company or you can purchase a DVD exercise program. The act of exercising has been demonetized. You just have to find what you enjoy and choose to do that “thing” a few times a week.

I know time is at a premium and making time in your day to exercise may be difficult so let me offer some suggestions:

-Purchase a jump rope. Using a jump rope 10-15 minutes a day will improve your cardiovascular health

-Perform resistance exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups. If you can’t do regular push-ups, perform push-ups off the wall or a chair. You can also squat from a chair as well.

-Flexibility exercises. On a daily basis, stretch your hamstrings (back of your legs), gluteal muscles (your buttocks), low back muscles, upper back and neck muscles. Stretching these muscles are extremely important if you sit most of your day.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us and keep an eye out for our group training classes.

To Your Health & Happiness,

Dr. Michael J. Kaye
Intention + Action = True Change



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